Thursday, July 14, 2005

SCAA: “Wanna go to the mall tomorrow?”

A: “Sure, pick me up at the hospital?”

SCAA: “You could just take a bus straight to my house right?”

A: “No, I’d have to go to central station first. And that would take me forever.”

SCAA: “No, you don’t.”

A: “Yes, I do.”

SCAA: “WTF, the busses go through the entire city!”

A: “No, they really don’t.”

SCAA: “They fucking do!”

A: “Jezus Christ you stupid cunt, who the hell takes the bus to college everyday? I do! All busses go towards central station, and from there you take another bus to a different part of town. There is not a single bus line that drives through the entire city.”

SCAA: “Goddamn, then just explain it to me instead of calling me stupid.”

A: “Christ woman, you do know how busses work don’t you?”

SCAA: “No, apparently I do not, because if I did, I wouldn’t have said that you could take a bus straight to my house, now would I?!!?”

A: “Well, then you’re just stupid.”

You know what the bitch did after I said that? She threw a fucking full glass of wine right in my goddamn face and stormed out of the room.

Bitch, you get one of those in a lifetime.

Do it again and I’ll beat your ass up.


Kirsti said...

Sounds like a conversation I'd have with my mum.
And by the way, that is the way the busses run in MOST cities

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Thank you !

You are in fact agreeing with me that the bitch should've known this little fact right?

If not, screw you and all you of the female kind.

Alterego said...

Does SCAA come in a male-package as well? I would so wanna date that for a while!

By the way, I learned the hard way that calling a woman a "cunt" (in English that is) is reeeeeaaaaaaally bad! Not near our cute, friendly, Dutch "kut!".

Kirsti said...

Baby I agree with you on anything you grand master of hot gay men

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Alterego - She was acting all cuntlike. She soooo had it coming.

Kirsti - 'Grand master of hot gay men' ?

I like it !

Alterego said...

Grand master of hot gay men? Hmm.. let me think about that... trying not to laugh.

Yes, but yet, he has lots to learn.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Excuse me? I do not have to learn anything.

Okay, perhaps how to have multiple orasms, but that is it!

I am omnipotent.

Anonymous said...


Billy the Bootlegger said...

And loving every inch of it !

Kirsti said...

Aww sweetheart are you impotent? you poor sweetheart :(
Looks like you've gained your own chris in mister anonymous there

Anonymous said...

All 12 of them?

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Kirsti - I have the libido of a Duracell bunny. Potent as hell !

Anonymous - 12" ? Isn't that a bit much ?

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Kirsti - I heart blog stalkers !

Kirsti said...

YES! I love them too! They are funny!

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Chris is just too cool for school !

Kirsti said...

He's too cool for this world!