Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Moving day

For those who give a shit,

I'm hauling my ass to myspace:

With regards,


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Daytime TV is high-quality

"A 1000 bucks euros ! Wouldn't that be a great way to start your day ?!"

Bitch please, it's fucking noon. The only two people that start their day at 12pm is me, because I'm good for nothing, and you, because apparently you're tired from sucking various cocks all night. I guess we all gotta make a living somehow right?

Seriously, she's having a live anxiety attack slash coke fit, but hey, that's what you get for putting girls on daytime game TV who will work for a gram of cheap coke mixed with cut up Nestlé Strawberry Quick.

Bitch, you can't get away with that, you're no Lindsay Lohan.

"I am so high ya'll!"

I look pretty right? Everybody always says I'm pretty.

"I look pretty right? Everybody always says I'm pretty."

"Insert - coke - here. And I don't snort, I push it in there. That's hot."

"These boxes like, feel sooooo nice."

"Duuuuude. Get me some lines, my high is like totally wearing off already."

"Say what? Hell to the no, you're not cutting me off until the next caller!"

"Oh my gaw, you are all tryna get me! And I ain't paranoid or nothing! What's that noise?!"

"And what the fuck you looking at bitch? I will cut you!"

"I'm just playin'. Please call me. You can totally play with my vaJayJay 'n all that."

Monday, December 18, 2006

Criminal law is a cunt

Yeah, remember when I was all "I'm so fucking smart, I'll ace this midterm"? If you don't, believe me, I was that person. So I had my midterm today and let me tell you, she was a bitch. A big bitch. I had about 3 hours and it was not enough. Not by a long shot. Although I was one of the few people who actually finished the damn thing, I didn't answer every question the way I could and would have if I had more time. I did know the answers but I had to rush through the case files like a mother fucker.

Whoever claimed Red Bull increases your concentration and energy was talking out of his ass.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I'm one of them

Yeah, I have a myspace now. I know I said myspace sucked huge gay cock, and I'm still saying that, but it's actually kinda nice too. It's a nice sucking, okay?

Anyway, visit Billy, leave him a message, listen to the most beautiful music ever created, whatever you think is right.

Click here to visit heaven.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Paris Hilton is a slut

I now realise that calling Paris Hilton a slut is the purest form of all semantic pleonasms, but for the heck of it, let's just say the redundancy emphasizes the fact that she's a slut and that the title is also kinda meant to deceive you. If I were to call this post "I like some of Paris Hilton's song on her album" you'd want to...well, not read it and gay bash me.

So yeah, Paris' voice sometimes hardly ever doesn't sound like nails on a chalk board and is always devoid of any emotion whatsoever - well, except for "whiny" if that were an emotion - but seriously, it's not all crap. And I mean that purely objectively: there are some good productions on her album which do not induce an immediate desire to drive a stake through my heart. Not to kill though, but to shift the pain.

This all doesn't take away the fact that Paris is a slut, but a hot slut because she's too stupid to know she is one and doesn't give a shit. I for sure would love to get her drunk and frisky. I mean, who are we kidding? Yeah, you know we'd all hit it - with a baseball glove around our #&%$ we would. And afterwards, she would buy me something pretty. You know, because I give so much pleasure.

And here's Reflekt ft. Delline Bass with Need to feel loved. Just because they are not Paris Hilton, don't have herpes (that we know of) and make beautiful music.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Finally made a choice

I've decided to get my Master's Degree in Criminal Law after I get my Bachelor's Degree. I had been in doubt for a while, not knowing whether to choose European Law, International Law, Business Law, Civil Law or Criminal Law.

Well, I found out I fucking hate all treaties and regulations and pretty much anything to do with supranational law and I pretty much suck hard at Business Law, mainly because I don't give a shit. I do like Civil Law but the formal procedures are just too difficult to comprehend, mainly because I don't give a shit.

So criminal law it is. Getting paid to fight to be right in official proceedings is kinda hot. I like being right. And people will like me. Because I'm funny. I'm gonna be a badass litigator.

Who knows, someday I might be a DA or even better - a judge. I would be strict, but just. And you are allowed to sleep with hot suspects right?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Zombies are in town

Dude. The Zombies are doing a small gig downtown on Tuesday, October 31st. Why wasn't I told? It sold out in like fifteen minutes. The Zombies are awesome. Hell, I only know Time of the Season, but that song is on my life's soundtrack. Yeah, my life has a soundtrack. And it kicks ass.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dance Department presents Cocoon

Amsterdam Dance Event took place this week and yesterday I went hard drunk on Sven Väth and Ricardo Villalobos at club The Sand, just outside downtown Amsterdam. It was pret-ty awesome. The DJ sets will be featured in either the Dance Department Podcast or the radio show in the next few weeks.

I’m sick now though and I have a big ass boo-boo in my head and in the back of my throat. One should never go clubbing when falling ill, it’s really bad. Midterms start next week, so yeah, my timing to start drinking again is excellent as usual.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This is why I am pro-suicide

"BE warned: Peter Andre and Jordan's appalling new duet is four minutes and twenty-two seconds you will never get back."

The coke burned away his cartilage which made his nose collapse and apparently it made her tone deaf. Don't do drugs!

And yeah, I know labelling this post under "music" is kinda out there.

Source: Dlisted and The Daily Telegraph