Sunday, January 15, 2006

Friday 13th

I've been looking for this particular song for literally years. It's a song from the movie I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, with Jennifer Cunt Hewitt and shit - it was on the tube (I'm sooo British) last Friday night.

The title of the movie ain't right though. It was supposed to be I Still Know What You Did Two Summers Ago, but I'm not nitpicking. Also: that correct title sucks gay ass anyway - it would be waaay to long. It's just that the incorrect title bugged me when I went to the movies to see it. Yeah, I actually went to see it at an actual movie theater and I'm a wino. Sue me.

Continueing (is that how it's written ? weird...), if you've seen it, it was the song that is played when those bitches - who will all certainly be sliced, diced and fed to...mice ( ? ) - arrive at the island in the Bahamas. They didn't even put this song on the soundtrack, what is up with that ? Jennifer Cunt Hewitt was on there with her damn How Do I Deal song. You don't deal bitch, you just don't sing. Period.

To sum it up: the song is called That Girl and it is performed by Esthero. Kicks gay ass. A bitch worked with the Black Eyed Peas (as if that's something to proud of), Outkast, Pharrell and many others. And she's from Chicago or something. Or Canada. That wasn't meant to be as mean as it sounded. Sorry Chicago. But enjoy the song anyway.


The Snakehead said...

Hey how come there's no more sex on your blog?

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Well, well. Look who's still alive.

The Snakehead said...

I've been too busy jacking off.