Friday, November 18, 2005

Starstyle: The Naked Issue Exclusive Photos


Bitches, I've got new and exclusive pictures from the upcoming December edition of Starstyle, Starstyle: The Naked Issue. Don't tell anyone though because someone will cut me if they find out. It's our little secret, k ?

This is the third time Starstyle has succeeded in getting a few Dutch 'celebrities' (I use the word “celebrities” loosely of course) to appear butt nekkid (sort of) in their monthly magazine.
I'm sorry in advance for going all Pink is the New Blog on your asses (in green), but I don't know how to make a tag. Or a water mark. And people steal ya'll (unlike me..I copy). So that is my reason.

Enjoy people (or don't).

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René, Jay & Jimmy (Paradise Hotel Benelux)
From left to right: René, Jay & Jimmy, Paradise Hotel The Netherlands/Belgium.

Curt Fortin (TOTP Host)
Curt Fortin, TOTP host/actor/model/singer.

Koen Jan Willen Brouwer (Dancer)
Koen Jan Willem Brouwer, dancer.

Don Diabolo (DJ/Producer)
Don Diabolo, DJ/Producer.

Glen Helder (Soccer Player)
Glen Helder, soccer player.

Jody Bernal (Singer)
Jody Bernal, singer.

Tom Mickers (Dancer)
Tom Mickers, dancer.

Lindo Duval (Radio538 Host)
Lindo Duval, Radio538 Host.

Lange Frans (Rapper)
Lange Frans (Rapper)
Lange Frans, rapper.

Christophe Haddad
Christophe Haddad, soap opera actor.

Dennis Weening (MTV Host)
Dennis Weening, MTV Host.

Victor Coral (DJ)
Victor Coral, DJ.

Aram van de Rest (Soap Actor)
Aram van de Rest, soap opera actor.

I have to say, I’m not really feeling the shoot. I don't particularly like the way some of the men are photographed and most of the poses are pretty retarded. Plus, some of the guys shouldn’t even appear in a magazine fully dressed, let alone naked.

Behind the Photoshop madness: a certain person had the Photoshop department spend more time on his photo than they spent on all the photos together, that person certainly does not look anything like me :), someone had a Photoshop tummy-tuck, someone didn’t have his picture altered at all, another someone had something enlarged and the last someone had abs painted on him.

Isn’t anything real anymore ? And why do I even bother asking.


And with this much Photoshopping and air-brushing going on, you would expect a far better result. Or maybe, the result would've been better if some people had hit the gym before showing off their stuff. Or maybe they should've been better looking. Or maybe they shouldn't have been D-Listers. Or they should have had a paper bag over their heads. And wearing long trench-coats. Now that would be an awesome photoshoot !

But not all is negative.

Photos that were okay: Curt Fortin (fuck I hate admitting that ! I look hotter nekkid though. And clothed too. Even covered in feces I'd look hotter. So, all the time really. People often confuse me with him, which is an insult people. He does not look like that in the real world.), Koen Jan Willem Brouwer (a bitch's ass is out of this world fo shizzle) , Don Diabolo (that is one hot motherfucker), Tom Mickers (wow he has a really long...arm), Lange Frans (very pimpin' baby, fo sho), Christophe Haddad (without the body hair though, that shit is just nasty) and Dennis Weening (the man must be the owner of a pair of huge ass balls [no pun intended] for appearing like this in a magazine people actually jerk off on read).

But you guys should form your own opinions. Mine is overrated.

Bitch away !

Ps: Pictures by Carli Hermés, "courtesy" of Starstyle Magazine.

Fuck, full-on, is that one or two words ?

E-mail me if you'd like to have the un-edited pictures and I'll send them to you.


Billy the Bootlegger said...

Dude, where did all my comments go ?

Anonymous said...

just want to say.. curt does look like that in real life ;-) and that's awesome hot!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what kind of smack you're on...but he really doesn't. Not in broad day light at least.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

They didn't spend hours photoshopping Curt's ass (pun intended) for nothing :)