Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Confessions on a gay ass blog

I usually do not particularly care for Madonna - she has made some good records, but I'm not a fan or anything.

I have to admit - Confessions on a Dancefloor is an excellent album. I finally got myself to listen to it, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Yes, I'm getting my ass on the band wagon by joining all (gay) Madonna worshippers - maybe. I refuse to call her Madge or Her Madgesty. She's Madonna. And she's still an American slut. And her accent is annoying. Bitch, don't even try and be British.

Anyhoo, I both like and dislike the fact that the album is basically one large track. It's great for people who like to listen to albums from track 1 to the last one. But I like my music shuffeled and this album kind of fucks that up.

The lyrics...are...special. 'Stop eating the paste' special ? Sometimes. Let's review shall we? We shall.

Hung up, kind of over it. Great vocals, great lyrics, great instrumental arrangements, catchy, but also getting kind of annoying. It's old. Bring on something new.

Get Together, sad feel to it (love that), not one of the best songs on the album, familiar arrangements (similar = stolen), vocals and lyrics are only so-so, but still...catchy. She can get away with anything it seems.

Dutch 101

In the intro of Sorry (great track though) Madonna is saying 'sorry' in different languages. She also says it in Dutch. Well, she thinks she's saying 'sorry' in Dutch: ik ben droevig. Ik is pronounced as ick. Ben is pronounced as Ben (the name) and droevig is a little more difficult. Take the first 4 letters of drool and just vig. Sorta. But that is not the point, ik ben droevig means I am sad, not I am sorry. That would be het spijt me in Dutch. Het is pronounced as hat, spijt as spite and me as the first past of nuh-uh with an m (muh). Again...sort of.

Dutch is a great language.

The point: Madonna is going to sue someone's ass. Or fire them. Or have them assasinated.

I love New York is just whack, hot, but whack. Come on:

I don't like cities
But I like New York
Other places make me feel like a dork
Los Angels is for people who sleep
Paris and London, baby you can't keep
Other cities always make me mad
Other places always make me sad
No other city ever made me glad
Except New York
I love New York
I love New York
I love New York

Anyone can write a song, evidently. Even that special boy next door from Madonna evidently.

Future Lovers, the repeated scentence over and over and over and over again is pretty annoying. Not the greatest hook. The arrangements of the instruments sound really familiar - as in Roger Good - In the Beginning (Ferry Corsten Mix). Exactly the same bass-line. Music = cool (although copied for the most part), vocals = forgettable.

Let it will be...is it me or does that mean nothing at all ? Or maybe I'm just not down with all that street-talk you kids use - fuck, I'm old.

Forbidden Love, do not care for it at all. Hate it. Toss it.

Jump and How High, love them ! Jump has a really good chorus and How High gives off a postitive Kylie vibe.

Isaac, I like "deep" music, but I Isaac I just did not get. Not the vocals and not the music.

Push, fades in comparison to the other tracks.

Like it or not, like it, not particularly special.

Stuart Price a.k.a. Jaques lu cont a.k.a. Les Rythmes Digitales a.k.a. Thin White Duke produced most of the tracks on the album. He used to play bass guitar for Madonna while on tour when he was 16. He also appeared on the her albums since 1990's I'm Breathless album, doing musical arrangements, drums and bass.

This might explain why the album has an overall Kylie feel to it (or the other way around) since it is rumoured that Stuart Price has worked on many of Kylie's albums also.

But to get to what I wanted to say in the first place: Confessions on a Dancefloor is one of the best albums that has been released lately.

Ps: reviews are still overrated. And so is this one. They suck.


Jenna said...

I like her...Even though she is a marketing skank...I loathe and despise her hoity toity faux Brit accent...I also find her love of Kabbalah disturbing on many levels....but....She is American Ambitiion sprawled out on the casting couch...

Paws said...

she's a fucking cunt. fuck's sake. get a hold of yourselves, queers.