Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bret Easton Ellis

I’ve found a new obsession, his name is Bret Easton Ellis and he’s an accomplished writer. He’s the author of American Psycho, Lunar Park, Glamorama, Less Than Zero, The Rules Of Attraction and The Informers.

Not only is he an amazing writer, he’s also fucking nuts.

Veronica Magazine (a Dutch television guide) had an interview with Bret and it was published this week:


Bret Easton Ellis in Therapy

Author Bret Easton Ellis shocked the world with American Psycho and Glamorama. He’s currently touring around the world to promote his new novel Lunar Park. All by himself, with a stash of pills by his side to get through the day. “I’m actually a very upbeat person.”

Your books are extremely violent. Are people often afraid of you?
“Yes. They often think I’m a really dark person, while I’m actually a very upbeat person. But in my books I am attracted to darker subjects. What’s so confusing about that? I know tons of guys who appear in extremely violent movies, when in real life, they’re just nice guys. The same with the aggressive bastards that appear in romantic movies…”

Oh, who are we talking about then?
“I’m not naming people. I won’t even say something bad about Tom Cruise.”

You loathe celebrities?
“Yes. And our fascination for those people disgusts me. What is so interesting about the whole Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston issue? They’re three not very good actors and Brad is an asshole who cheated on his wife.”

You said you wouldn’t drop names…
“Well, Brad Pitt could have had the lead part in the movie Lunar Park, but he refused. I must admit I was quite upset about that. I think he’s very cute and naturally he’s really gorgeous too.”

Has love been good to you?
“No. Nobody wants to have a relationship with Bret Easton Ellis. Especially when a new book of his is released. Nobody wants to be my boyfriend. They know I’ll have to do promotion tours and they'll be afraid I’d cheat.”

Don't you?
“Not on this tour. I’m too tired. But it has happened, and it was a disaster. I know writers that screw everything that breathes when they’re on tour - entire orgies. I’m too tired for that, and I have a tighter schedule.”

You don’t make your own?
“No, I have to do these interviews to sell more books. I’m not a rich man, I have enough money to live off on until my next book gets published.”

What are you doing after the tour?
“Maybe I’ll have myself checked into a rehab clinic.”

What are you addicted too?
“I’m addicted to alcohol and pills. I need those pills to fall asleep, to wake up and to do interviews.”

How many did you take today?

Why are you putting yourself through the hassle of a book tour?
“I have to promote my book to make money. But I’m just so tired. A few days ago I had a meltdown at an airport. I just did a book signing session for about a thousand people. I had eaten one sandwich and had taken one pill. There was some kind of problem with my seating arrangements on the plane. I just started shouting and cursing: Fuck all of you! Leave me the fuck alone! It turned out to be a small misunderstanding. I locked myself in the bathroom and started crying. I cried throughout the entire flight, I couldn’t stop. It is so exhausting, the travelling, the hours, the people you meet… But it’s my job, I make a living out of this. And I’m not complaining though! I’m just trying to express my feelings to you.”

Maybe you should’ve taken some of your friends with you…
“I’ve tried, but that’s not working out. They feel excluded and see another side of me that’s very unattractive. It’s disgusting. They become suspicious and they hate groupies. I’m irritable and don’t want to talk to anyone…it’s just not fun at all. I have to do this alone.”

Your publisher thinks it’s time to end this interview…
“Wow, that was really therapeutic! I can’t believe everything I just told you!”


I know, the translation sucks, but what do you expect? It was English at first, then it was translated into Dutch and now I'm translating it back again. I knew it'd be shit.

I’m in love though. The guy isn't very attractive and could possibly be my father, but I’d still hit it. I love men who are more fucked up than me. There are only a few you know and they are fascinating.

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Admin said...

Erm, seriously, Brett is not fucking nuts. You're right about him being an amazing writer though, although less than zero isn't that great.

You should try watching the films for comparison. No they'r enot as good as the book, but interesting nonetheless.