Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm not dead, stop smiling

This University thing is getting out of hand. I have midterms the next two weeks. Bitches got my ass studying - hard. Pun intended.

I'm not going to pass though. It's a lot. Word on the street is Dutch students are to spend an average 7 hours a day studying (seminars and lectures included). WTF ? I barely make 8 hours in one week - if I decide to go to class at all.

I would like to speak to that one person that spends 49 hours a week studying. Have you no life ? I'm not saying I have one, but I could have. If I had an attractive personality. Or money. Or friends.

Eat that.

And what is also getting out of hand - my mobile phone bill. It is high. Like, really high. I am addicted to my Nokia. I use it more often than I use my pipi. I really don't, but I'm trying to emphasize my addiction. And my fingers are hurting from all the messaging. Seriously, if I were straight, I'd totally have lost the ability to get my girl off with these magic fingers. Those bitches'd be spastic. Or is that a good thing ?

One last thing, I'm single again. Will you have sex with me ? The Ex-Boyfriend is denying me sex. All the sex. I'm not even getting any hand action. Nothing. I need a mercy-fuck. Bad. So feel free to contact me if you're hot, horny and available. I'd like to say single, but frankly I couldn't five a fuck.

Ps: Snakey, it's kind of warm in here. Shall I remove my pants ?


Kirsti said...

I say you go for a shag with that loony writer. He hot.

Alexander said...

How does one have midterms in December? Your institution is quite unlike any I'm familiar with, but I suppose that is a given.

and Hi, this is the person whose LJ you commented on a couple weeks ago, re: DanceDepartment.

The Snakehead said...

Yes, you shall totally remove your pants.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Kirsti - He's out of the country. Bastard. He said he'd call...

Alexander - We have midterms every five weeks and we don't have holidays. Oh how our country's education system sucks.

Snakey - Pants are no more.