Friday, October 28, 2005

It's late

Economics was a cunt. A big one.

Neh, wasn’t so bad actually. The midterm consisted of twenty questions divided into seven assigments. They were hardcore man.

WTO ? GATT ? Heckscher Ohnlin ? What ? I ain’t never heard of such crap. Endowment? Yeah, that just makes me piss my pants every time I see that word.

It is so dirty.

Thank fuck I was allowed to drop an assignment because of the excellent papers I handed in the past six weeks.

The prof thinks I’m interesting.

Well, he thinks my papers are, which is totally the same thing. But he’s crazy. I’m just an idiot. But I’m such an idiot that when I write, people don’t get it and assume it’s intelligent, hence interesting, because I look so damn smart.

No. That can’t be it.

Hell, my prof likes me. Boo-ya, I’m passing Trade & Finance and my work here is done.

The Release Dance Awards were nice. We had a VIP table and some slut that kept bringing us champagne and food. Damn, she was so eager to please, I bet I could have gotten a blow-job out of that her.

Damn me for not being straight.

Dance Department didn’t win. Bastards. This was all so set-up. Some local radio show won Best Dance Program. The fuckers have like seventeen people listening to that crap they’re playing. What is up with that?

Wessel, DJ on Dance Department, wasn’t even there. Geez, I wonder why. He probably already knew. The man has got a weird sense of humour having us go to this fucking event to not win.

If it weren’t for the booze and food, I’d be pissed. But beggars can’t be choosers.

Fucking hell.

“I did not raise him to be a child molester.”

Bitch, you don’t need to tell Dr. Phil that. Like we all don’t know you did not raise it to be a child molester? And if you did you might as well fess the fuck up cuz you on Dr. Phil anyway.

I hate Dr. Phil.


Top 10 DJ’s 2005-10-28

1. Paul van Dyk
2. Tiësto
3. Armin van Buren

4. Sasha
5. Ferry Corsten
6. John Digweed
7. Hernan Catteneo
8. Deep Dish
9. ATB
10. Carl Cox

Other Mentionables in the Top100:

18. Erick Morillo
20. Sander Kleinenberg :)
22. Benny Benassi
23. Sven Väth
30. Steve Lawler
39. David Guetta
49. Pete Tong
52. Timo Maas
61. Armand van Helden
62. Michel de Hey
63. Jeff Mills
80. Nic Fanciulli

Source: DJ MAG

Want the complete list ? Click here or here.


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Alterego said...

Benny on 22????? WTF??????????