Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The IQ of a cunt

ME: it’s a lot of shit
LC: of course it is
LC: that's why it is called studying
ME: it's like high school economics times infinity +1
ME: that hard
LC: fuck me jesus that's hard
ME: i know !
LC: that came out quite wrong
ME: i got it funny bitch
ME: you gon' burn in hell for that
ME: as am i
ME: cuz i do men
ME: something needs to happen
LC: can you imagine this.. i haven't gone out for like two weekends
LC: what's up with that!
ME: all i do is sleep, have sex (or anything that has to do with seX), study, work, and have more sex and such
ME: really ?
ME: are you dying ?
LC: i'm so dying
LC: fuck that shit yoo we need to enjoy life
ME: don't die
LC: i can remember the days back in venice when i had 3 buckets of martini for 3 euro's a piece and i could not have been happier
LC: where did that time go
ME: someone stole it I'm SURE
LC: fuck that person
ME: i have never even had it
ME: you have had it
ME: i haven't
ME: why didn't i get it ?
LC: oow baby it was paradise
ME: i bet
ME: when's my turn ?
LC: make it your turn today
LC: or this weekend
ME: i can't make my own day
ME: someone has to do it for me
ME: i'm lazy...dont you know anything about me ?
LC: i know you are gay
LC: that's enough
LC: i hate busses
LC: don't u hate busses
LC: is busses plural for bus?
ME: it is
ME: looks weird
LC: i know
LC: it got me doubting myself
ME: buses
ME: busseses
ME: one bus
ME: two bus
ME: damnit!
ME: is it like fishes ?
ME: peoples ?
ME: sheeps ?
LC: sheeps! haha
LC: or mouses
ME: haha mouses
ME: that is hella funny
LC: i know
ME: there was this hilary duff movie
ME: raise your voice
LC: i dont see why
ME: shut it
ME: and she was like singing in a choir
ME: chore
ME: choir e ?
ME: chore ?
LC: whaha
LC: we are soooo doubting ourselves tonight!
ME: anyway singing in a group of people that like...sing
ME: and they was all like singinS: joy to world and the fishES in the sea
ME: she is so dumb
ME: she sooo wrote the whole script
ME: well that was anti-climactic
ME: climaxic... what the fuck is wrong with me ?
LC: totally
LC: why is it so hot in here!
LC: goddamn it im burning up
LC: god dont let it be pre-menopause
ME: me too. i can't open the window. flies will come in and eat me
ME: i mean
ME: mosquitos
ME: mosqietos
ME: mokietos
ME: mosquitos
ME: yes
ME: i'm sure now
LC: im sure too
LC: you are a tasty treat
ME: pre-menopause ? you are so crazy
ME: that won't happen for like
ME: a two years
ME: A two years ?
LC: hahaha
ME: A two years?
LC: you are so high on something
ME: i am so stupids
ME: we are like totally psychic
ME: so, did your cuntlike sister listen to the kelly cuntson cd ?
ME: since u been cunt. IT IS TOO FUNNY. i made it up you know. that is not the real title.
ME: behind my hazel cunts
LC: i copied it like 3 times for me and my two friends and we listen to it daily and it is helping us through our pre-menopause
LC: yeah and how about 'beautiful cunt'
ME: whahaha, are you laughing ? laugh bitch !
ME: because of CUNT
ME: I am so lame, whahaha
ME: breakaCUNT
ME: Where is your CUNT ?
LC: hahaha
LC: stop it
ME: i am laughin so hard
ME: i'm pissing myself
ME: you found CUNT
LC: whahahaha
LC: that's GREAT for a t-shirt
ME: i hate myself for losing CUNT
LC: or underwear
ME: omg i am hurting
LC: yeah mah lil’ belly is hurting toooo
ME: hahaha A-Cunt-ed is funny
ME: i just got it
LC: that's sooo late
LC: hahahaha
ME: i knowwww
ME: what else is funny ?

How many things are wrong with this conversation ? I disgust me.


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lc said...

i think i am so hawt in this convo. you know it. but if you are gonna act like that i have to be all like 'last night i had this conversation with this queer guy but he is denying it. bitch.'
and everyone will think i made it up because they think i can't hang with queer people.
that's so conservative. and there is a little discrimination in there as well.
talking about discrimination, i've been feeling quite like a racist because my exboyfriend was darker than me. me being one is not a fact ofcourse, but him being one is, because he 'dumped' me. fuck that. i hate darker people. they so obviously hate dark people.
im so getting off topic here.

im gonna go make out with some stranger this weekend. i deserve it. cunt-away.