Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fuck Star Wars

Update: Blogger fuck refused to delete this unfinished post. I thinks the universe is trying to tell me something. Could someone let me know what it is?

I'm typing this post in the living room. The Parents are watching Star Wars: Episode III. Which is really episode VI. Or something. Damn those prequels. God Natalie Portman really sucks at acting in this movie.

I worked today. From 9am till 7am. Without breaks. And without sitting down for five seconds. I seriously made like 500 cappuccino’s. Insane. My feet are killing me, I haven’t eaten since Friday and I cut up my hands and fingers…again. There is something seriously wrong with my motoring skills I’m sure

The Boyfriend is doing The Show until 12 and he’ll be here around 1.30am. It’s going to be an all-nighter because we have tons of recorded DVD’s to watch: Murder by Numbers (seen it about six time. In this movie Ryan Goslin looks like a guy I had a huge crush on in high school), Lost (yay, Dominic <3),Gilmore Girls I'd like to do Jess. Where is he?), Joan of Arcadia (make the bitch stop crying every 5 seconds) and Desperate Housewives. That shit is hot you know.

Update: I think this was supposed to be a piece about wanking. Amazing isn't it? The way I can twist a plot from watching television, to shooting cum. And it wasn't even porno. Cuz that would be an easy score.

[ The wanking evidently ] is an excellent way of getting rid of the after work stress. Everyone should try it.

Anyway,seeing Ewan McGregor in a crappy movie agaiun reminds me of The Island. The Boyfriend and I went to see it last Sunday. Ewan is so hot. Scarlett is also hot. Ewan + Scarlett = even hotter. The movie was awesome. Not only because of all the hotness.

Having a relationship is a killer for blog posts. If I were single I’d write about all the guys I’m banging and how about I got really drunk and woke up face down, with no clothes on, on a city bus in New Mexico.

Now that is entertainment.

This is going nowhere.

I’m so shallow.

But hot.


The Snakehead said...

I like this one.

Paws said...

Don't take Natalie Portman's name in vain


I'm going to have to have a wank now, just having typed her name.

A pox on thee!

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Where the fuck did this come from ???

I deleted this post because blogger kept fucking it up.