Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I have no point, okay?

Well, I’ve been doing nothing but wanking since last Wednesday.

I am beat.

Naw, I did stuff.

I went to class, it was difficult and people are morons.

This bitch was like yammering on and on and on about whether or not the professor could explain to her what literally had changed in the new study books.


Fucking inbred. Like a professor is going to lay the books together on her fucking desk and compare them. She has got shit to do you know! And the bitch just did not know how to stop asking stupid questions.

“Is there somebody else that could answer my question?”

Prof: “No, bitch. Not even the author is going to tell you what the difference is. Get off your fat ass find out for yourself. Or buy new books like every other normal person.”

Well, she did not actually literally say that, but it came pretty close. Then the bitch answered:

“I don’t feel like doing that.”

I would have strangled her right there in front of everyone. After she had painfully died, I would have cut off her head and warned the others that this is what happens to people when they are stupid.

Then this other bitch asked:

“Yeah, like I heard something really strange. Like, is it true that we have to get new editions of the penal code and the civil code and all the study books and stuff? Cuz like, why?”

This is where I got really pissed.

“Well, the legislation changes every year. It's not like the 'law makers' sit on their over-paid asses all year long. When you are a lawyer in…well give or take twenty years (if you’re lucky) you need to have up-to-date information about legislation. Or are you going to say to your client: ‘I don’t know. I still have books from 1999’?”

Then dumbass answered:

“Well, but like, we’re students and we’re poor. Like books are that important? I mean, just like details. I mean like, can’t we move on the next question concerning this case you know? I mean like, it’s not about the details. Details don’t really matter in law, do they?”

I’m not going to write down what I said to her. It wasn’t very nice. The prof backed me up. Well, first she told me not to use that much foul language, but I could sense I was saying all the things she was thinking.

Book bitch is the living proof of what I’ve been saying all along: anyone can get into a university.
In conclusion: I have made zero friends and about fifteen enemies in my Contractual Law seminar. It is a new personal achievement. It took me like twenty minutes for everyone to hate my guts.



I got a new bed. Well, the second part of my bed. I had a single bed before. Box spring they call it? It doesn’t matter anyway.

It’s just that since I’m not 16 anymore, I thought it was time for a “grown-up bed”. And by grown-up bed I naturally mean a king-size bed in which we can have hot animal-like sex instead of having stupid sex on two mattresses on the fucking rock-hard cold floor.

Or the kitchen counter.

Or the against the wall.

Or on the couch.

Or in the shower.

Or against my neighbours front door.

In conclusion: I heart gay sex in a bed.

It’s prefect.


School is killing me. Trade and Finance sucks gay ass. And I seem to be very fond of the word ‘gay’ lately.

Anna Banana is still nice. And she still likes me (how can she not?). And she dropped the Trade and Finance course.

Mexican bitch.

She can just do it like that. And she is still attending class just to remind us of the fact that she’s there voluntarily and does not have to take the midterm. Also because she wants to show me the way to straight sex.

We hate her.


Ya'll need to go to this link if you’re into dance and club music (or something). You’ll be able to hear what The Boyfriend does for a living. He’s very good at it too :).

Anyway, Dance Dept. started Podcasting two weeks ago and I have to say that it is an excellent addition to the Saturday night show.

So far, the Podcast has had an average of 300 downloads a day and they have had 200.000 subscriptions. And these are just the figures from the Netherlands.

Overall, it’s doing far better than they had expected.

BTW, I wrote the “Subscribe to Dance Department for the Best Beats To Go” piece. I’m not done with it yet. There are a few points that need improvement. Not that there are huge mistakes in it, it’s just that it could be better.

Feed-back is welcome.


Paws said...

You could turn this abuse-and-strangle thing into a business, I reckon.

I've got a few people I'd like to give a gift certificate, if you know what I mean...

LC said...

bitch, it took me ages to get to this fucking comment page. if you want lazy people to comment on your daily frustrations then PLZ make this journey a little more bearable. i mean like... link it to the first page. whatever. thanks for getting that kelly cuntson cd for my sister. dunno how much you must have spent on it, but if it was a lot i apologize for exploiting your ass to please my sister. i'll be so wasted on that party, i might fall in love with your ass. please be wasted too. or i'll have your ass kicked out by security. you know i own that shithole. so i can do that. PEACE OUT HOMO!