Sunday, September 11, 2005

Can't we all just get along?

My first class starts next Wednesday. We’re all very excited I’m sure.

‘Trade and finance in a global economy’.

Sounds hawt, doesn’t it? Well I think it does. It’s an all English course which I’m very happy about. Economics in English seems to be much more straightforward than the Dutch Economics. The Dutch tend to get excessively literate and give too much unnecessary information. Get to the fucking point. I’m not a big fan of the big words and page long sentences. Why complicate an already so complicated matter?

The first trimester we’re having Contractual Law, Trade and Finance and State Finance. I received 7 books just for Contractual Law. It’s insane. And they probably expect you to bring them all with for the workshops. Yeah, that’ll never happen.

I’m really happy about my new job. On Monday’s I’ll be working in the restaurant and the terrace and on Friday’s in the pub. Some of my colleagues are absolute retards and someday I will stab them to death, but the pay is good and the tips are even better.

I have made at least one enemy last Wednesday. This bitch was talking to me like I was a fucking retard and repeating instructions over and over and over again. And she wasn’t consistent about it.

BITCH: ‘Put the trays on the refrigerator.’
ME: ‘You just told me to put them on the counter.’
BITCH: ‘No, I didn’t.’
ME: ‘Are you calling me a liar?’
BITCH: ‘No, I’m just saying I never said that. We always put the trays on the refrigerator.’
ME: ‘Yeah, we’re done talking. You’re an idiot.’

We also had a huge discussion about what cutlery to use with a particular dish on a full terrace.

BITCH: ‘You have to use the normal knives for that sandwich.’
ME: ‘KS – friend since age ten and now my boss – told me to use the normal knives just for the salads. Not for sandwiches.’
BITCH: ‘No, she didn’t.”
ME: ‘Excuse me?’
BITCH: ‘I know KS and she would never say that because she always uses sharp knives for this sandwich. She didn’t say that.’
ME: ‘Please don’t tell me what she did or did not say to me. You weren’t there.’
BITCH: ‘All I’m saying is that she couldn’t have said that. You just heard what you wanted to hear.’
ME: ‘Excuse me? Don’t call me a fucking liar. I don’t need this shit, especially from you.’ Then the bitch tried interrupting me. ‘Let me finish. Lips moving still talking. People who have any decency let other people finish.’
BITCH: Rolling her eyes at me and walking away.
ME: ‘Who the hell do you think you are talking to me like this. I’m not taking this shit from anyone. Not my friends, not my boss and especially not from you. I am no less than you so you will treat me with respect.’

I probably shouldn’t have said that in public, but bitch just pissed me off. Then she started yelling at me inside about an hour later about how I embarrassed her in public and that I never listened to her.

ME: ‘I think it’s really cowardly of you to confront me about this when you know the boss just walked in. You disgust me and perhaps you should try listening to people instead of having a monologue. You’re an idiot and I refuse to talk to you from this point on. Please stop insulting my intelligence and stop talking to me like I’m a freaking five year old. I am done with this discussion and I hope you’re pleased with yourself. Now will you please let me do my job and I suggest you do the same. That’s the difference between me and you: I’m actually doing my job. And I’m a hell of a lot better at it than you are. This was my monologue and our ‘dialogue’ is now over.”

I can see that maybe I should’ve just done what she told me and not dispute her. But this bitch annoyed me from the moment I met her. I hate it when people think I’m stupid. I know how the catering industry works. I’ve been working in it since age 14. I’m good with customers because I’m genuinely putting an interest in them and I’m a damn good waiter. It shows because my tips are the highest and people come up to me to thank me for looking out for them. I’ve had zero complaints and I get along with every single colleague besides the bitch.

Go to hell you ignorant cow.

With that being said, I did make a friend last Friday. We both hate the bitch and she told me I’d better not say anything to anyone because the people that work there talk behind each others backs all the time.

How very fifth grade.

Geez, they are all adults. Grow the fuck up. It’s all just so sad and so futile. Imagine all the things we could do if we used the energy we put into backstabbing for something constructive and positive.

See, that’s me. I don’t play nice with people I don’t like. I won’t talk about them behind their backs to others (besides on this blog) and I will be civil to them. Don’t get me wrong: they will know I dislike them, but they don’t mean anything to me.

And when I get to the point where the bad relationship climaxes, I can have closure. Bitch doesn’t bother me anymore. She’s nothing. I can look at her and smile, knowing she’ll never amount to anything. It’s all about the karma. You get what you give. I’m sure of it.

Sidenote: hating Curt Fortin is an exception. He must suffer.


The Snakehead said...

You should take those forks and put it over there. See that counter there? Yeah, put it over there.

And once you're done with that, all utensils, including those forks should be put in that container over here. See this container? Yeah, put it in there.

And once you're done with all that, come talk to me and I'll give you a candy for being such a obedient little boy.

Hustle said...

Don't argue wit the bitch. She's always right, even if she's wrong.


Billy the Bootlegger said...

Snakey - She nevers gives me any candy. But it's okay, I'm keeping her tips.

Hustle - Your reasoning is flawless.