Monday, September 12, 2005

Pies and Liars

Bitch (from here on ‘Nosy Bitch’) was actually nice to me today. She minded her own shit and let me handle mine. It was, dare I say it, sorta pleasant. Nosy Bitch is still a dumb-ass but she doesn’t annoy me that much anymore.

Nosy bitch even gave me pie. Apple-pie! And she didn’t even charge me for it. She gave me apple-pie with whipped cream and I think there wasn’t anything nasty in it.

Free apple-pie from Nosy Bitch is the best.

Business was kinda slow, Monday is always such a fucked up day. We did have a small rush during lunch. Blonde girl is a twat. She’s lazy and every time someone walks by she says:

‘Haaaaiiiiiii!’. With this irritating high-pitched voice. Bitch, the man has been here for nearly an hour. You don’t have to greet him every minute. He’s tired of you and he’s going to sue our asses for making him deaf.

Mommy dearest

My mom is in crazy mode again. She’s supposedly going to my aunt who’s her ex-husband’s sister and the ex-husband is my dad. The Stepfather and I aren’t buying it.

She’s been lying all her life: cheating on my dad, having her neighbor watch me while she was doing ‘stuff’, lying in general about everything, for a while she was a kleptomaniac and so on.

She really is a pathological liar.

Aside from all that, I also don’t believe her because she keeps telling me to not tell The Dad, The Stepmother, The Stepfather and anyone who is connected to the aunt. Reason? She thinks that The Stepfather doesn’t like it that she is meeting up with old friends, that The Dad will think she’s trying to get back into the family and that The Stepmother will just be jealous.

My head’s spinning.

Anyway, she had to be in Amsterdam at 5pm and it turned out she was there at 3pm. Nothing wrong with that right? She supposedly had to buy flowers, her explanation was. She also said the trip took 1,5 hours. But when I left for work at 8:30am, The Boyfriend was still asleep in my bed :). He woke up at 11.30am and my mom was long gone. So she left before 11.30am, was in Amsterdam at 3pm, but the trip only took 1,5 hours. So there’s 2 hours of unexplained time.

I’m not saying she has to tell us what she’s doing 24/7 but she is making herself look guilty.

She could easily prove she’s actually doing what’s she says she’s doing. But she doesn’t want to. It’s 'private' and she things it’s ‘strange’ we don’t trust her. She has a selective memory apparently.

I know we should trust her. Innocent until proven guilty the secretly guilty say. But it’s hard to believe her. She’s done this so many times and we don’t want to get fooled into believing her lies again. I refuse to let her deceive me. I refuse to let us be deceived by her.

GD, I really don’t even want to get into this whole mess. It’s their business. And they should leave me out of this. It’s not like I actually care, but it’s just…inconvenient. They’re both trying to get me to agree with them and I don’t want to choose sides.

People can be so selfish. Damn them for making me worry about all this and damn them for putting me in the middle.

Is it just me, or are we getting stupider and more difficult to live with as we age?

And is it just me, or am I going all Carrie Bradshaw on your asses?

Damn the Sex and the City reruns also.

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