Saturday, July 09, 2005

You will not believe what I stumbled across today. It’s a blog from some slut called Bryan. It calls itself Bryanboy: le superstar fabuleux. Adventures of the new-moneyed classless bitch from hell. It says it's bisexual, but the odds of that being true are slimmer than me having sex with Jude Law and Ryan Phillippe at the same time being true.

Seperately is a whole other story though. But I digress.

It's blog is fascinating and repulsive at the same time. I caught myself actually reading some of the posts and looking at the pictures. You can almost compare it to a car crash: all you can do is stare with amazement, slow down a little bit and feel that little rush of excitement.

I am speechless.The guy (girl? in-between?) is a Fluffer, which is someone who performs blowjobs on porn actors before they…well, have to perform. Believe me, if that were sucking my cock…I’d never be able to perform anything anymore.


Furthermore, it has a hard-on for Louis Vuitton, buying their products as if they were knickers on sale at Bloomingdales.

Now, I can’t imagine a job like that would pay out that much. Doesn’t every slut, want to have such a job? I think the bitch is making some extra money on the side. Such as walking the streets as a Korean prostitute, giving suckie, suckie for 5 Dollars.

I don’t believe it’s actually Korean, but it fit nicely into the sentence. I hereby apologise to all Korean people.

Check it out and prepare to be horrified.


one said...

Someone is bitter...but that's ok. I think he is a street whore love Louis long time.

Cool blog.

Alterego said...

God, I love that bitches' ad..adt.. addit..attitude!

Billy the Bootlegger said...

I'm glad you see I'm bitter and not jealous. Well, I am jealous of the money, but if I have to do what it does...I'll pass.

It's a hard word, isn't it? Don't worry love, you still have your looks.

The Snakehead said...

"You can almost compare it to a car crash: all you can do is stare with amazement."

That's exactly what I did. I stared in disbelieve with my mouth wide open.

I think his mom forgot to cut his penis off when he was born.

Bryanboy said...

You still love me though.

You know you love me.



LC said...

my glasses look way hawt-er.
and bitch is a bad word.

but we bitches don't care.

love your ass

Billy the Bootlegger said...

The Snakehead:
I said that? Damn, I can be so literate at times.

Bitch, you know me so well.

Durrrr, I know you look waaaay hawter honey bunch. But then again, you are my lucky penny.

Jenna said...

That human being if I may be liberal with the definition is the most repugnant thing I have laid my eyes on in a dog's day!!!!

If I were a man and that thing fluffed me, I would never to be able to achieve an erection again.....disturbing on so many levels.........

Bryanboy said...

Jenna, who said anything about fluffing?

All I had to do is shove a couple of viagra up your asshole just like suppositories and you'll have an erection your daddy will be proud of.

Who said anything about manual labor? I don't do manual labor darling. So so blue collar.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Jenna - Even though kinda scary, is it not also a lil' bit fascinating? I find car crashes very exciting also.

BB - Rich family?

Bryanboy said...

nah, just enjoying inheritance from grandma/pa.

i'm legal now.