Saturday, July 09, 2005

LC is off to “Veronica’s Hottest”. I believe it’s the Dutch equivalent of the American show “Are you hot?”, but with a lot more ugly people.

Social rejects.

LC’s going to be in the crowd, just for fun. She could so win that shit. She looks like Rachel Stevens but prettier. And I think Rachel Stevens is just on fire!

Studying for my last midterm. It’s on Monday and then I’m done. Hoping I’ll getting all of the 60 study points so I don’t have to take some classes again next year. That would kinda blow.

The boyfriend will be coming over tomorrow late in the afternoon. We’ll be having a barbeque ‘n all. We’re going to watch ‘Brokedown Palace’ after. I’ve been looking for this movie on DVD for years. Could not find it anywhere, just on video. We don’t even have a VCR anymore.


The soundtrack is one of my favourite CD’s, so I’m having high hopes.

I went to the doctor’s again; they’re burning the shit again next Thursday. Apparently they just want to see whether or not a hole appears in my nose bridge, cuz they burned it last week already.

As I said: charlatans.

Have a nice weekend!


LC said...

thanks babe. love your ass too. and that show was so funny. i was one of the voters.
the guy that won this round was very stuck-up. he was hawt but he knew. and you know how i hate that shit. the girl that won this round was annoying. she giggled constantly and tried to look as innocent as she could, which made her look more of a slut. anyway, whatever the case, i'd do her. not just because i thought she had a killer body, but also just to teach her a lesson or two about how to act hawt-er, so she might even score boys/girls her age instead of under hers.

love your ass

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Woman, you know so well how to entertain my ass.

And we should always throw rocks at people that are hawt that know they're hawt. Not because we're jealous, but because it's our moral obligation to beat their ass down.

And the bitch giggled? Who giggles after fifth grade? Now she deserves a slap in the face. Hands open though, you are still a lady. And after you're done with her, could you pass her on to me, so I can teach her more hotness. You know, in the gay way.

Love your rack