Thursday, July 07, 2005

Dutch news:
“Everyone look very shocked and distraught. Nobody knew what to do.”

BBC news:
“There is no panic, everyone is very aware of what is happening. People are carrying on with their business and it all looks like a normal day in London.”

Dutch news:
“The character of the attacks is very much the same as the previous Al –Qaeda attacks.”

BBC news:
“Today’s attacks are very much different of the previous El-Qaeda attacks: the casualty rate is low and the size of the attack was relatively small.”

Don’t you just love it when sources of news contradict each other?


I’m going with the BBC news’ truth though. Dutch reporters ask questions such as:
“Are the British people angry at the government for not picking up on this beforehand?”

What kind of retarded question is that? Why the hell would people be mad at the government? They can’t prevent every bad thing that happens. And even so: what the fuck does it matter at this point? I don’t think that being pissed at the government is what’s on the British people’s minds.



Iris said...

Thank you for your advice. These recent attacks in london are horrible, it seems like all of the news is conflicting.

Jim Barker said...

Actually I am pissed off at my government.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

My question is why? If they invesitgate more thorough, the government is criticised for invading people's privacy, and if they let something slip, they are criticised for not inverstigating properly enough. It's a fine line between keeping the country safe and invading people''s privacy. Either way, the government gets blamed. That's all I'm saying.