Monday, June 27, 2005

the first time

You can ask anyone: I am the biggest Batman hater there is. Seriously, what can the guy actually do? He doesn't even have any powers.

I'd be the first one to boycot the Batman Begins movie, which is what I did.

Last night, the boyfriend and I went to see a movie. The bitch of course just had to see Batman Begins. Some friend told him it was excellent. I really need to monitor who he hangs out with. This is not good.

"If this movie sucks, like I said it would, you will never ever again get to pick out a movie, or anything else for that matter." I said.

A bit of a dumb deal, because I always get my way...except for last night of course.

"Relationships are about compromising", the boyfriend said.

Stop quoting Dr. Phil.

Anyhoo, I let him have his way. You need to keep people happy at times. Expecially when you want to have sex later.

To make a point: it was an excellent movie. The bitch was right and I was wrong.


Enjoy it while it lasts. It won't happen again.

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