Monday, June 27, 2005

SCAA has a brand new outdoor pool at her disposal. And by her I naturally mean me. It’s great having an outdoor pool in Holland. It really pays back for itself. It is usable for about ten days a year. Of course it’s still usable the other 355 days if one likes to freeze his balls off.

But what am I bitching about, I don’t have to pay for it. I just pee in it. That was a joke. I only do number twos in the pool.

I called JS, SCAA’s mother, up and I asked her if she had skinny-dipped yet. Her reply was that the water was too cold at 17 degrees and that she would only swim in it when the water was 28 degrees. Have you ever heard of a swimming pool with water at 28 degrees? A Jacuzzi is not even that warm. Imagine the chlorine smell. Some people would still like to have the ability to smell after taking a swim. Then she said: “Well, the North Sea is 28 degrees in the summer.”

No, it is really not.

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