Monday, May 09, 2005

you go on with yo bad self

This just cracked the idiot up:

Police in Romania were shocked to find a car crash was caused because a couple were having oral sex while driving. The driver lost control on a crowded road in Craiova, Dolj county, and collided with an oncoming car, reports Editie Speciala newspaper.

The young man, whose identity was not revealed, admitted to police that he was having a "hell of a time" at the time of the crash.

Police said the couple were still in their car, fully naked, when officers reached the scene of the accident.The couple were found completely naked in their car by police officers who came to investigate.

A police spokesperson said: "We couldn't believe our eyes but it was the naked truth. "They were having sex while driving. We hope they have learned their lesson now - not to do anything distracting while driving." Three persons needed medical help after the crash.

Well that just made an idiot's day pretty much okay. Considering he slept for like six hours. The idiot needs his sleep...good! But having oral sex while driving? The idiot doesn't think you need to fully undressed to have oral sex in a car while driving. Most likely, they were doing something else, besides having oral sex. And is that even possible? One should let the idiot know, because he is very curious about that. Not that he would like to try, because he don't have no drivers' license yet (when are you gon' pay up daddy?). Oh, and would you look at that, the police is trying to be funny. "It was the naked truth." How long did it take you to come up with that, lame-ass. If you want to be funny, be funny like this:

A Romanian traffic cop has been demoted after he fined a driver for "having a face like a moron and being a big monkey".

Marius Vlasceanu pulled over Gheorghe Tosa as he drove through Craiova in Romania, local daily Jurnalul National reported.

But Tosa failed to see the funny side as Vlasceanu fined him £22 and handed him a ticket explaining the reason for the fine was "having a face like a moron and being a big monkey".

Head of the Romanian police Dan Fatuloiu said Vlasceanu, who claimed he had handed out the fine as a joke, had been demoted for "inappropriate behaviour and defaming the police force".

He has now been given a desk job in a remote village.

When the idiot dumped his ex saying that, he sure thought it was pretty funny. Or was it just me?

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