Tuesday, May 10, 2005

ah crap, what is that smell?

The idiot’s beat, and goddamn it’s only Tuesday for cryin’ out loud. It was a very long day. He had to get up around 8:30am, had to take the 9:30am bus and his first class started at 11:00am. Usually the idiot doesn’t get up before noon, and that’s on working days (wha…working days). And the air also smelled kinda…funny. Some bitch told me it was “morning’ air” and the idiot was just like ‘what?’. And then she like rolled her eyes. And he was all like “Bitch, you did not just roll your eyes at me.”

The weekend was crap too. Had a huge fight with the parentals. They were like “I’m older and thus wiser and I make all the money, so you do as I say. Now clean your ass up.” Yes, very strong arguments indeed…for a five yo maybe, assholes. Then when all the bitchin’ finally seized to exist, the idiot spent the rest of the weekend freaking formatting and reinstalling XP on his lame-ass laptop, cuz it had some kind of virus. Serves him well for watching all that porn. And because he was busy anyway, he did manage to install the wireless LAN network. Which allows me to finally watch porn in my room instead of the home office. I don’t touch “it” though. You know, when I’m in the office.

Oh, and this morning, you know when the idiot had a Civil Law class, there was this smelly assed foreign exchange student, he’s also in his Economics class. But anyway, he smelled even more than usual. As he opened the door and walked down the aisle, his stench was just pouring down the auditorium. It was just plain nauseating…this “sewer meets rotting corpse-stench”. It wasn't even just sweat, it was just as if he had bathed in his own bodily fluids, dried himself off with used diapers and stole clothes from a beggar to dress himself as he threw up on himself.
Then he filled up his backpack with human waste from some plastic surgery clinic along with his mum’s lunch pack made of rotting…well, you get the picture. He did not smell very nice. Christ, wash yourself, take a bath, use a toothbrush. Do you not smell it? Can you honestly say you don't smell it? Well the rest of the western hemisphere does, so clean your ass up, you smell like a syphilis infested cunt.

Final thoughts: your girlfriend can’t talk right now, I’m kind of fucking her.

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