Thursday, May 19, 2005

suck it up

Goddamn, the homos went at it...again. But this time, they've outdone themselves. Yes, they have actually outdone themselves, because some people (and by people I mean certain retarded gay folks) felt the need to actually "go at it" it public. Yes, that's right, apparently several hundreds of gay folks felt the need to make a statement in this manner. A reason you ask? Apart from the fact that most of them were old and gross and just getting off on groping each other in public, the secondary reason was to protest against homophobia. Supposedly it was also a "national day against homophobia". This fucker didn't even know something like that exists and it shouldn't. But anyhoo, national day against homophobia. And clearly, making a statement like this is the way to go.

Well, kick me in the crotch and call me stupid, but as far as my knowledge goes regarding phobias, I've always thought that subjecting a phobic individual directly to his or her fear (without proper "counseling" or whatever they call it), just makes things even worse. And in my opinion, homophobia is not any different from any other phobia. So, clearly, making out in public to fight against homophobia, is not the way to go. I cannot fucking believe I'm actually getting all worked up about this again. People can be so ignorant and plain fucking stupid. Forcing one's beliefs down people's throats is not at all effective to say the least. Take the Jehova's Witness people for example, is that working out for them? No, it's not. We slam the door and say: "Stop bitching, you shouldn't have put your hand there". And now, some people will slam the door for the homosexuals and may even say "Stop bitching, you shouldn't have put your hand there" (damn that was a bad analogy).

I understand the whole "I'm here, I'm queer, get used to it" attitude. I can accept that. I'm gay, so sue me. I don't care, why should you? Okay, so I have never been in a position in which I had to "defend" my homosexuality. I have never had any problems and I haven't "lost" anyone because of it. Though I have to admit, that I have had it a lot easier than some people, because unlike the stereotypical gay man (with the hand, and the walking, and the talking and the...well you get it) I'm just being myself. Yes, I have some female character trades, and some male. Don't we all? But just because I am gay, does not mean I need to be half a woman (or half a man, you say potato). I do think that it has been easier for people to accept me being all gay 'n stuff, because of it. And maybe I'm not in the right position to judge about something like this, but I also feel that there are more homosexuals like me, than there are of the stereotypical gay men.You just never hear them.

But again, I'm digressing from the subject at hand. It is my opinion that a small group of homosexuals is always "spoiling" it for the rest. Becasue certain people now think (and personally I can't blame them) that all gay people feel the way as is shown on the news, that of course covered the public make-out session. Think people, think before you act. If you don't think, you do not deserve to be a human being. The power of reasoning is not just excess bagage. We should be allowed to punish all you non-thinkers, and make you suffer for disgracing our human race. But that would not be at all "human rights-like", so that plan's off the table.

Organizing stunts like this, will not make people any less homophobic. And it will just confirm what they already think. And now, I'm done talking about it. Some people will go their own way no matter what. All I can do is show the few people that read this, that not every gay man is the same as the folks shown on tv and in news stories like this. Because unlike the mentally deficient, I find it useful using my brain.

One other thing, there was this research about PMS among among women in the Netherlands (why do I even need to mention that women are the subject of this research...). One of the findings was that half of the women is not happy with their menstruation. HALF? So that means that evidently fifty percent of the women either don't care or like it... Apparently eight percent is happy with their menstruation..."it makes them feel like women". I always thought your breasts, clothes, shoes and purses made you feel like women? Or is it all just added value? Anyway, it means that fourty-two percent doesn't care or doesn't mind...and it makes me wonder...why all the women in my life are always complaining about it? Final thought? Have a piece a chocolate and suck it up.


Kirsti said...

I never did mind.. but that's another story. IF someone tried to cure my phobia for snakes by exposing me to snakes gropng eachother i would... die. bad tactic.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

THANK YOU sensible person !

Strawberrie-Shortcake said...

yeah ..i'm pretty sure a big ol' orgy in the city park isn't going to do the trick ...but you've got to hand it to them, it takes some effort to work out a county wide sex fest in public that doesn't land anyone in the slammer;)

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Well, police can't throw 'm in jail, cuz then all them gay people and their so-called "organisations" yell: "discrimination". goddamn, you can't do anything these days.