Saturday, May 14, 2005

my ass is ill

Goddamn hay fever (is that even a correct English translation?), well I'll be damned, I don't give a fuck. Bodily fluids are dripping out of every opening of my body (ALMOST every opening) and not in a good way. And my eye, don’t even ask. It’s swollen, but just the upper eye lid. I look like I have one lazy eye. I’m a big nasty ass dripper with a retard eye! No chance in hell this fucker is going out tonight. I ain’t going nowhere, just gonna lye in bed with my medication and some good old porn.

The fucker has recently gotten back in touch with an old female friend of his. This bitch I went to high school with. We never really hung out, but at some point in time we have maintained a pretty intense instant messenger relationship. Ah, the things we confessed to each other. Finally someone who was just as mad and just as repulsed by the Ducth language as I am. Check out her blog ‘n shite, she’s one creative motherfucker. Just hoped it would kinda rub off on me. Well it obviously didn't.

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