Friday, May 20, 2005

pull my finger

We all know my life sucks. But now it stinks too. Literally. It actually stinks. Today this fucker had an economics class. It was about economic politics ‘n shite. And I did listen Ryan, but I was so distracted by my reflection. And I know, it happens a lot.

Anyhoo, this was a first meeting and two of these intelligent like men (uh professors?) were explaining to us what was expected from us at the end of the trimester. Well, we have to write an essay about demographic aging which is totally mind-numbing. What can be done about it, how are we gonna pay for all the retired folks blablabla. I say shoot the non-working class, that’ll show them.

But that’s beside the point. Of course, universities always get off on making people work together. This fucker don’t work together with anyone. It’s a trust issue, I know I can do better. It’s pretty much compulsive. I have always chosen people that were stupid, lazy and willing to let me handle it. I guess it all started in elementary school, when…just kidding. Like I haven’t enough therapy already.

Well, of course all the other “normal” students had found each other. Everyone had a group, besides five people. Yeah, and two of them were me and Ryan (I do have some friends…well A friend). I didn’t mind, because I despise everyone in my economics class anyway (basically cuz they’re not like…me), so no matter who joined my club, I’d be painfully annoyed either way. Well, one of them I pretty much kinda did like, because he was the annoying kind of person that kept asking and asking and asking and asking. And when he was done, he’d ask some more. He must’ve thought “these acoustics make my voice sound so manly and soothing , I'd better talk some more” (thanks to Kristi). Carrying on, he was an asset because he annoyed everyone and he was smart as hell. Smarter than me you ask? Has Courtney Love ever been sober? Well, there you go.

Moving on, the other girl was okay, just a blank spot in my mind. But the third guy was the icing on the cake (or…the flies on the crap?). You’ll never guess in a million years and I still can’t comprehend what had happened. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (and all you in betweens) it was the SMELLY foreign exchange student (that was redundant in so many ways). I prefer to think of it as God’s sadist way of punishing me for all my bitching at…well everything and everyone. And it's working good. How ironic that the very attractive, mysterious, sexy, intelligent and very stylish outcast that is me (my reality always feels so much better) is put together in a group with a person that that. And smells. Damn woman, I don’t know why that is ironic, but I felt like using that word, k?

Final thoughts? Iew...!

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