Thursday, May 05, 2005

homo get a grip

see, I'm a person that can bitch about...well, almost anything / and today homosexuals in particular / or, more politcally correct: 68% of homosexuals / and this completely redundant poll / the question was: would you like a seperate television channel for homosexuals? / see, in the netherlands we don't have that...yet / but anyway, 68% of the polltakers answered "yes", and that just pisses me off / the homosexual community is always talking about "being accepted en treated as an equal and being tolerated", then why the hell would you want a seperate channel made by fags, for fags, so they can see fags on tv? / why, I ask you for the love of God / what use is it to put yourself in, yet another, little box, stressing the fact that "you're different"? / who the hell made your people so special? / because if we would en should have a gay channel, we should also have a black channel, and a chinese channel, and a channel for midgets (I know "small people"), and a channel for asians, and a channel for the deaf, and a channel for old people and so on / what good does it do us to emphasize our differences? / shouldn't we focus the attention on the fact that, even though we are all different, we're still very much the same, considering we are all part of a race I like to call humans? / and isn't it enough that all this emancipating is being shoved down our throathes already? / live and let live I always like to say / everyone is entitled to an opinion / everyone has the right to "disapprove" of blacks or asians or homoseksuals or women or whatever there is to disapprove / it's one thing to make people realise homoseksuals are people too, and they need to be treated as an equal, but shoving ones beliefs down anothers throat is a completely different matter / why do people need to be educated about homoseksuals? / or am I just overrating man's intelligence? / okay, educating in schools, to avoid bullying, or to make it easier for certain individuals to deal with their possible homosexuality, that is something useful / what we need to understand, I think, is that some people do not want to understand, or simply can't, and making them understand by forcing it upon them, is not going to help / if we homoseksuals think we're different, how the hell can we expect other people to not think we're different... / now you think about that

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