Friday, May 06, 2005

bad district attorney, bad !

Did anyone catch the Peter R. de Vries show on SBS6 last night? Well, I did and lemme tell ya, I ain't never been entertained like this. That Tonino is in a pickle now, with his new job 'n all.

So you might not know the story if you don't live in the netherlands (or do but are so self-centered you have no fucking clue about current events). Tonino was this district attorney, D.A, who threw his computer out on the street to be picked up by the garbage disposal men. It seemed quite harmless and not a strange thing to do, but when that computer is used for law practice and personal use...people might want to take a look at it. And people did, because some cab driver picked it up and dropped it off at our finest crime reporter, Peter R. de Vries.

de Vries had the computer investigated and found some pretty...incriminating documents and IE history and shite. Information that would compromise his current position as DA. To summarize what happened after de Vries' investigation: he turned the computer in at the court for internal investigation. They asked de Vries not to go public yet and promised him that if he'd wait until the investigation was over, he'd be the first to be informed about what was found. After months of waiting and being blown-off by the DA in charge, he finally went public a few hours ago. It was grand !

And now, the juicy stuff...what was on the computer that was so...baaaaaad? Guess... PORN ! What else? But what kind of porn... TEEN PORN ! And so the plot thickens. Are you having fun? I know I am *grin*. But not just any teen porn... GAY TEEN PORN. But wait, I ain't done yet ho! There was also INCEST GAY TEEN PORN. Aren't you grossed out? The computer also contained traces of child pornography, love letters to another male and teen sex news groups enlistment. The love letters contained phrases as, I quote: "it's hard to keep control of myself, when I see some hot boy", and a lot of information about public sex on parking lots near high ways.

But anyways, the internal investigation by the courts concluded that he had not committed a crime nor felony. The "child pornography" was unwanted material that were put into the Temp. Int. Files directory by the websites he visited. I think it's strange this content was "unwanted", since they also found resumes in which he applied for jobs involving "children and teens"... what are the odds...? And isn't it strange that a man who had a hard time "controlling" himself, applied for jobs involving minors? Yahu!

Geez, a man this stupid should never have become DA. What a stupid mother fucker. The computer didn't even require a password and Tonino didn't think anyone would be able to read the information, because "it had a virus". Freaking dumbass. He probably just forgot to delete his Temp. Files as he erased the kiddy porn websites from his history while relaxing after some good...

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Kirsti said...

Oh you dutchmen. Insane. Keep me posted. Now that you have a blog and all.