Thursday, May 05, 2005

freedom can kiss my ass

oh lookie here, a new day has begun / not just a regular day, no, liberation day / yes, apparantly us Dutch folks feel the need to "celebrate" so many years of freedom since may fifth 1945 (when the dutch were freed from the nazi's...dumbass) / so what we do is this: on may fourth we commemorate all the folks that lost their lives during the war and other crap / for reasons unclear to me, such as: remembering what should never happen again bla bla blow my brains out bla bla / and then the next day, we celebrate freedom / people have died, and we celebrate freedom the very next day / some might say: "they'd want us to celebrate" / no, you silly cunt, what they would want is to not have died a horribly painful death / don't give me that crap, you're talking out of your ass again / people are still dying all over the world / oh, but wé are free and that' is all that counts / people can be so self-centered / and another more important reason why I'm so pissed is that I was going to go home tomorrow (I mean today), but my student public transportation pass is not valid on may fifth BECAUSE it's a freaking national day of celebration / I'm stuck here cuz I ain't paying for no train ticket at these prices / and being stuck, is like being imprisoned / and being imprisoned is like so not being free / so what freedom are you celebrating anyway?

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