Friday, May 06, 2005

oh no they didn't

Aaah, well here's another sad story. Some gay tourist got beaten up pretty badly by a group of Maroccans (that'll help improve their reputation...) in Amsterdam a few days ago. This man, Craig, thought he was in the most gayfriendly city in the world, when he was walking hand in hand with his man on Queensday. And I know what you're's not an actual "queensday" (every day is a queensday for gays), but April 30th is the day on which we celebrate the birthday of our actual Queen, Beatrix "I've got a stick up my ass and speaking this correctly makes me want to roll over and hurl all over myself, but I won't because then the stick would be even more up my ass" van Oranje.

But anyway, Amsterdam, gayfriendly, bla bla. Well, a Moroccan man spat in Craigs face and muttered something like "fucking fags" (you're a poet, you don't know it). Then more Moroccans showed up and started gay bashing (like that word). Well, noone intervened (that's what you get for being too tolerant) and the attackers left when Craigs boyfriend returned after he got away from his assailants. Yes, after. He ran away first...and you call yourself a man?! Well...probably not. Anyhoo, Craig sustained several facial injuries, such as cuts, bruises and a shiner.

Well, you would think that the attention would be focused on the bashing 'n stuff, but no. As usual we always take a personal problem and take it out of one's hands, and make it our problem, in this instance, Amsterdam's problem. OH MY GOD, it seemed Amsterdam is not so gayfriendly at all. And this is not the first time this happened. Word out on the street is that homosexuals are still not completely accepted. Well, big whoop! Like I needed an incident like this to tell me that. God, and you call that news? Okay, I'm not approving of what happened to those poor men. But come on, not even I am that stupid, walking around holding my male lovers' hand, and no, not even in Amsterdam. Certainly society has come a long way, but honey, we ain't there yet. Moral of the story? Fellow homosexuals, try not to touch each other so much in public, and the same for heterosexuals too, because their lifestyle is just nasty. Sidebar: don't touch yourself in public either, because then you'd have a whole different kind of problem (don't ask).


Shark-fu said...

Too much drama! I had a great time in Amsterdam. No beat-downs or slugging matches. But it was cold. Really cold. I need to come back when it's warmer. Be safe and don't touch anything in public. I mean anything!
A very non-violent AngryBlackBitch

Kirsti said...

Right too much drama! Why can't we all just get along? sometimes it's hard being an idealist.