Friday, December 15, 2006

Finally made a choice

I've decided to get my Master's Degree in Criminal Law after I get my Bachelor's Degree. I had been in doubt for a while, not knowing whether to choose European Law, International Law, Business Law, Civil Law or Criminal Law.

Well, I found out I fucking hate all treaties and regulations and pretty much anything to do with supranational law and I pretty much suck hard at Business Law, mainly because I don't give a shit. I do like Civil Law but the formal procedures are just too difficult to comprehend, mainly because I don't give a shit.

So criminal law it is. Getting paid to fight to be right in official proceedings is kinda hot. I like being right. And people will like me. Because I'm funny. I'm gonna be a badass litigator.

Who knows, someday I might be a DA or even better - a judge. I would be strict, but just. And you are allowed to sleep with hot suspects right?

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