Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dance Department presents Cocoon

Amsterdam Dance Event took place this week and yesterday I went hard drunk on Sven Väth and Ricardo Villalobos at club The Sand, just outside downtown Amsterdam. It was pret-ty awesome. The DJ sets will be featured in either the Dance Department Podcast or the radio show in the next few weeks.

I’m sick now though and I have a big ass boo-boo in my head and in the back of my throat. One should never go clubbing when falling ill, it’s really bad. Midterms start next week, so yeah, my timing to start drinking again is excellent as usual.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna be in your fucked up country for a week...wednesday to wednesday!! YES THAT IS TOMORROW!!!
And guess who's coming with me?!
Meet the ven Schiltjes, I would say...
Is it ok if I stop by on thursday?! Watch a movie, drink some shit and have porn?!

Cheerio Mate!


"Smile pretty for me baby"