Monday, October 09, 2006

Class in session

I had a Law Philosophy seminar today and it was very...uhm, interesting. Now, not a lot of what the Prof. was talking about really made it into my head, since I was pretty distracted by this hot guy walking outside, but I did pick up something about military men having sex with each other in times of war to increase their strength.

I vote: yes.

And I'm sure the seminar was about more than men having sex, but after that remark I was even more gone than before. Seriously, if you're into all things gay, you should definitely take this class. I'm pretty sure Plato is just a big flaming homo.

This paper is going to be excellent.

Location: Leiden University


Anonymous said...

Not sure how law and gay sex go together.. But I'm sure that's how things get done in the real world.. : )

Kirsti said...

Hey we never learn anything like that in my seminars! And we have Freud!!

No fair. The Dutch have all the fun.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Jenna - that is how things get done in my world :). I was just born 2500 years too late. I'm very behind.

Kirsti - by the way, did you know that Plato's book Dialogues is 90% about the gay sex? It's awesome. And dirty. Young boys would sell their bodies to a sophist in exchange for wisdom. They're sort of whores, but it's for a good cause.