Saturday, August 12, 2006

I'm a good neighbour

This family These socially retarded freaks that live across the street from us have been trying to park their caravan [is that what it's called in English too?] on their driveway for about 45 minutes now. I suppose I should help them. The father can't drive for shit. He's making his turns to sharp and keeps almost hitting the front of the caravan with the rear of his car.

God I hope they hit a wall. Or a kid. Or plural.

I hate caravans. They imply camping. And I hate camping even more. It's the 21st century - get a hotel room. At least than you'll have basic plumbing at least...and room service.

They look so sad out there in the rain. When you see them, you’ll immediately see that they are campers. They give off this - vibe. This "I like nature and nature likes me so we don't shower for weeks and stink up our mobile home for three weeks - when we're not cycling or shit like that" vibe. And they probably play board games together. And talk. That's even worse than camping.

Some families are just disfunctional.

I have to go now because I think my mom broke her house arrest - again.

Ps: and for those who are "offended" by the word "retard" or some other conjugation of that word - I'm not using it to insult anyone. Because I don’t call real retards retards. I call them “mentally disabled”. Or stupid. I mean gosh, I’m not that inconsiderate.

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