Saturday, June 10, 2006

My brain works in mysterious ways

I had a thought today. A real one. Not like:

"I wonder how many times I can jerk off before passing out?"

No, my thought was, that it might be better for me [and others] to be nicer to people. You know, in general. And by people, I mean everybody, besides my parents and stupid ugly people [but we all know everybody's beautiful...]. Because I do want to go to heaven 'n all and you and I both know that karma is a bitch meany. You don't get into heaven or good karma for being cruel to your fellow man - and that is a fact.

But then I changed my mind, because I suddenly remembered I'm an atheïst and I'll rot in hell anyway. But more importantly, if everybody would just like, go around being all nice to people, there'd be no war, no suffering, no Ann Coulter and no people like me.

In some twisted way, you know my reasoning makes sense.

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Kirsti said...

That twisted way seems to have passed me. Good to see you are back anyways.

Less thinking more gay porn