Friday, May 19, 2006

fun with mother

In the past, I have learned that one should never let my mother talk to certain people - today, movers have been added to the long, long list.

My parents are helping my aunt move into her new condo and my mom got into a conversation with one of the movers while she was unpacking.

"I used to work there too you know," my mom says, replying to a comment moving guy made about a certain shitty company.

"When did you work there?" moving guy asks.

"Oh, I quit in...'96 I think. I worked there for about ten years," mom says, as if she's thinking out loud.

"Oh, then you must know Anne and Johnny and Margareth and the whole bunch," moving guy replies.

"Ah yes, I remember Anne," mom says with a cynical tone, "she was one bitter cunt I must say. God, can you imagine living with her? I could hardly work 8 hours a day without wanting to beat her everytime she crossed my path."

"I can actually, she's my mother..." moving guy replies sheepishly while mom's sister in-law is trying to muffle her laughter.

"Oh..." mom says after a few seconds of dead silence, "well, you are not a bitter cunt at all."

"I know," moving guy says, faintly smiling as he's getting back to work, "I take more after my father."

"Well, you thank the Lord for that son - but then again...he did make you live with her..."

Mother has no shame and does not know when to shut up. And that is why we love her. Well, that and the fact that she still makes my sandwiches every morning.


Jenna said...

Oh my dear God! She actually called that woman a "bitter cunt"....Wow! I would've loved to have seen that... Wow... I'm impressed..

The Medium Swede said...