Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm such a fag

Last night, I spent six hours watching the GD Fashion TV channel. SIX HOURS ! And there wasn’t anything going on at all. A bunch of skinny ass anorexic (anorectic ?) bulimic coked out skank models strutting their non-existent asses and racks down a cheap-ass runway, wearing the most hideous clothes ever invented, while Kylie/Britney/Groove Armada-like music was playing in the background.

I was skankmatized to say the least.

Those bitches were all so hot and pretty. And arrogant too ! They’d be sitting in their crappy chairs backstage reading a book (and by book I mean magazine, and by magazine I mean a book with lots of pretty pictures) looking all blasé while twenty people are smearing body lotion all over them, fixing and cutting their hair and doing their make-up. There was one model, who was so tired (and by tired I mean malnourished and coked out) someone had to hold her head up straight. I totally made that last thing up, but wouldn’t that be awesome ?


Ps: we're fucking snowbound ! We ain’t used to shit in this GD country. A little bit of snow and we’re already advised to stay the fuck home. Other countries deal with this shit on an almost daily basis in winter time. And the public transportation people have used this “weather alert” to go home early: after 4pm this afternoon there was no more guarantee of any public transportation. WTF ? It’s fucking snow – not a chemical atom bomb (if there even is such a thing), Anyhoo, pics of the weather “terror”.

And this is my one of our kitty cats, 50. It's a big-ass cat. He'll eat you - seriously.

His real name is Rios but since he's the neighborhood gangster, he is now called 50. Anyway, we bought a new Fatboy - the little fucker hogged it and hasn't moved ever since. That was two weeks ago - you can totally tell we're related.

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Chica said...

Skankamatized (now now, lets play nice...while I am laughing)...50 meow...LOL
I love the snow pics. I havenot seen snow in about 17 years