Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen,

Will Shit Smith.

I have no words.

I sure hope he’s playing a huge prank on the world with his new hit single Party Starter. What was he thinking?

Let's pray that his career in music did actually die and consider this new 'single' as a final post-mortem spasm. I am confident Switch was also one.

And will someone tell me what the fuck is so hot about that new Madonna shit Hung Up ? It has to be the name right ? I mean, Victoria Beckham would so not get away with this shit, true ?

The world has gone mad.

Fuck...I think Hung Up is kinda growing on me. Noooooo...


Alterego said...

I for one loooove the new Madonna.

But then again, I'm gay so any combination of an ABBA-sample/Madonna works for us.

Oh.. but then again.. so are you! Queerboy!

Otherwise, try the Stewart Price Ext. remix.

Jenna said...

I dig her Madgesty.. The song is so so but has grown on me....

Billy the Bootlegger said...

A.E - Please do not ever call me 'queerboy' again.

It's the name of one of your porn flicks right?

Jenna - She just needs to drop the whole 'I'm-so-proper-and-British-act'.

We all know she's still an American slut.

Alterego said...

Queerboy, Gay Ass, same fuckin' difference.