Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Mother has returned. She is so fucked up. I'm going to the movies with SCAA. Fuck college and fuck studying. Who cares that my whole life depends on tomorrow's class (I exaggerate)?

My mom doesn't anyway.

We still don't know what she did, who she did and where she did it. We can't believe her lies. We can never believe anything she says anymore.

I'm going to get wasted.


The Snakehead said...

S-N-A-P the fuck out of it. She's your mother for Christ sake. If you don't love her, you wouldn't even worry about her at all. If you were not worry about her, then you wouldn't came here and kept posting about her.

Now that she's back, and you know she's safe, say a little prayer and be happy about it.

The Snakehead said...

Feel free to tell me to fuck the hell off, but I will not take back what I said.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

First of all: FUCK OFF. Second: Thank you. Third: I finally had something hmmm hmmm good to post about. You'd think I'd leave that opportunity? I think not. Fourth: The Bitch don't deserve to be a mother.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Feel free to tell me to go fuck myself, but I will not take back what I said :)

Alterego said...

I must agree with the Snakehead. You should be happy that she's back safe and sound. Of course it wasn't the most "chique" thing to do and she should be made aware of the results of her actions, but bitching about your mother is a no-no. Unless she tried to fuck your brains out, when you were a little baby.