Saturday, September 10, 2005


GD, I loathe achieving. The autition is today. I know I can do this, but still a lil' bit nervous. I'm doing 'Jack Johnson - Sitting, Waiting, Wishing' and my back-up is 'Oasis - Wonderwall'.

We'll see what happens. I know I won't be making a fucking fool out of myself anyway. I can sing and I'm hot. BTW, it's highly probable that I won't make the cut because I come across like I can't be molded into a media whore "pop star". And I can't be.

Or can I?

Wish me luck!


Update: my parents took in a crazy person! There was this old man screaming and ranting so loudly that I heard it over my singing :) That takes a lot I can tell you. It seems he was yelling at his son-in-law about all sorts of things. They were supposedly taking his money, not going to his wife's grave, not paying for the burial of their child (the son-in-law and wifey) and he was swearing his ass of with this Amsterdam factory-worker like accent. It was too good. He was just about to assault the son-in-law, but then the police came and he calmed down. Well, he wasn't in attack mode anymore. So then my parents calmed him down and invited him over for coffee. Evidently, that's what you have to do when you find a hundred year old man having a hissy-fit on the street.


The Snakehead said...

Good Luck!

And what happened to that old man? You blew him, didn't you? I knew you, you dirty cocksucker.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Yeah, and then he came in my mouth. And I swallowed. And loved it.

Kirsti said...

Best of luck to ya. I wish Mother would take in some crazy person... That way at least something would happen around here