Wednesday, August 10, 2005

X is coming over tonight. I’ve known her since sixth grade. Man, what a long time ago. I haven’t spoken or seen her in a while, so tonight, we’re going to grab a bite and go see a movie.

The Boyfriend arrived in Ibiza safely. He called me this morning and he felt a bit awkward in the hotel because it was so luxurious. He really dislikes places or people that are ‘posh’. I believe he has never worn a suit in his life and he probably never will.

When we go out and I’m wearing a suit jacket. He always says:

“I really don’t like you wearing that thing. It makes you look even hotter and it makes me look like a punk.”

Talk about inflating my ego. What a sweet man.

The hotel room was beautiful with an ocean view, but it didn’t have a kitchen (some hotel rooms have a kitchen in Ibiza, and no, they do not call those rooms apartments…), so he was kinda bummed out about that. In combination with his work-outs he diets, so he has to have cold water, tuna, curd, pineapple, peanut butter, rye bread and milk at all times.

So now, he’s probably emptying the mini-bar and trying to fit all his crap in there.

Good luck with that.

And also: his wisdom tooth is hurting like hell. I hope they won’t have to yank it out. The procedure itself is fine, but there can be side-affects (read: bad stitching causes loss of a lot of blood for seven days and high fever. In my case it did.). And he can’t get sick, because of work.

That’ll teach ‘m to brush his teeth more often.


Not really.

mother don't tell me friends are the ones that I lose
cuz they'd bleed before you
sometimes family are the ones you choose
it's too late now
I hold on to this life I've found

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