Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Boyfriend’s leaving for Ibiza at 5am. God, I miss him already. When did I become this dependant relationship person?


Last night, The Boyfriend and I started packing my giant suitcase just to see whether or not I’d exceed the 20 kilo limit. For the heck of it. Of course I did exceed the limit. 23,5 Kilos. It might sound like a lot. But it’s really not. Is it?

What was in my suitcase when it still was at 23,5 kilos:

- 10 boxers
- 15 pairs of sock (black ones, white ones and sport socks)
- 11 pairs of pants
- 25 fitted Tees
- 6 pairs of shoes (red, blue, white/yellow/purple and black All Stars, sneakers and another pair of shoes)
- 1 grey vest
- 1 grey sweater with hoodie
- 2 pairs of swim shorts
- 2 pairs of normal shorts
- 5 belts
- 1 beach towel
- 3 caps
- 2 jackets (summer jacket + jacket of a suit)

What wasn’t in there that should be when I leave:
- toiletries (about 3 kilos of it)
- 1 pair of flip-flops (did I actually say flip-flops?)
- sunglasses
- electronics: ipod charger, battery charger, camera, etc.

Does all this sounds like a lot of stuff? I’m staying there for two whole weeks...

There is a Laundromat in the hotel, but that is not the point. It’s just nice to have different things to wear. And I also added the stuff to my list which I’m wearing the day I leave this shit-ass wonderful country. So that’ll lighten the load...a bit.

I really don’t think it’s all that much.

The Boyfriend did though, but what does he know. He is still packing some of my stuff in his suitcase in spite of that: two pairs of shoes, about 9 tees (he likes to wear them, why not let him take them), some toiletries, the phone charger and the electric toothbrush charger. Is that outrageous?

And the company is paying for the over-weight in his luggage anyway.

I’m taking too much stuff, aren’t I?


I will wear all of it.



I have to think about this. Maybe I could I loose some stuff. And I could put some of it in my hand luggage.

Damn these airport regulations! I think it would be fair to allow the lightweight people to take more luggage, don’t you? If a 120 kilo large sheman is allowed to take 20 kilos of luggage, I should be allowed to take 55 kilos.

It is only fair!

I’m making no sense. I’m logging off now.

Ps: The Boyfriend just called. He managed to stuff 40 kilos of crap in a suitcase smaller than mine. My hero!


Kirsti said...

You don't need 25 "fitted t-shirts" for a 14 day trip. I don't care HOW gay you are.

And 5 pairs of pants? No. Jeans, dark pants and dresspants.

And you, Mister, have more toiletries than me. And I am quite the woman.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

So I do have a queer side to me after all?


Schattig Duiveltje said...

It is a lot of stuff maybe yeah.. My suitcase is under 20 kilos, but my parents always put their trash in my suitcase, which allows me to put only little things in my suitcase. And Kirsti is right, 25 Tshirts????? That is more than 1 a day, and if you would be in Ibiza, you don't even want to wear Tshirts..

Billy the Bootlegger said...

I know...I'm deranged. It's just that I know I will want to wear whatever I have left at home, once I get there. It's a sickness really.