Friday, August 12, 2005

Why the fuck am I still here?

Tonight, The Boyfriend is partying at Amnesia with Sander Kleinenberg, Tiesto (he’s also in tonight’s line-up), Wessel van Diepen, John de Mol (media giant), his son and Erik de Zwart (celeb, producer, tv-personality and The Boyfriend’s new boss).

I don’t want to namedrop, but these people are fucking partying at the hottest club in the world FOR FREE ! I think this constitutes as a “business meeting” and as always the company is picking up the tab.

Okay, I kinda namedropped, but I’m just using it to emphasise the fact that rich famous people always get the sweeter part of the deal. But because of them I won't even have to fuck for coke when I'm there. All their rich asses are on coke. It's everywhere.

Sidebar: I know I always jokingly say I'll fuck for coke, but I've never done drugs in my life and I probably never will. It's just interesting to see what it does to people.

I can’t wait to go there.

Ps: I don't really care for Tiesto. He's become too commercial and too mainstream. Just another media-whore. Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...
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Billy the Bootlegger said...
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Alterego said...

My dad alway said "you have to try everything in life". I don't think he was referring to using drugs, or sucking cock in a darkroom... nevertheless I am sticking to his words.. food for thought?

Tiësto is too commercial indeed. However, looks kinda hot, so I'd do him.

Kirsti said...

I live in a Tiesto free land. Who wants to come with me????

Billy the Bootlegger said...

A.E - Yeah, someone once said that to me too. When he wanted to fuck me. Hell no! Thanks for backing me up in the whole Tiesto thing. And he is not cute! His girlfriend is hawt though.

Kirsti - YES PLEASE !