Sunday, August 14, 2005

When I'm still sober

I’ll be heading to the airport at 5:45pm. For the first time in ages I had a good night’s sleep. Instead of 6am I fell asleep at 1am and I woke up at 11am.

Yes, 10 hours of sleep. I’m lazy again.

My returning flight leaves at 8am (8! Am!) which is early. Very early. But I’ve a plan: we’ll pack our bags before the show on Saturday night, the show is until midnight, then we’ll probably be packing up the studio crap and stuff and go clubbing. Then we’ll be at the hotel again at 4:30am, grab our luggage and head for the airport, sleeping on the flight back home.

Genius, ain’it?

God, 8am really sucks balls. But, it’s all worth it. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures of me and stoned/high/wasted celebs and be sure to post them and sell them all to gossip magazines.

Haven’t really got much to say, except that I’m hoping ya’ll won’t forget about me in the two weeks of no posts :(

Stay safe and take care of each other (*sob*) and I’ll see your skanky asses soon.

Your unfaithfully (as always),

Audioholic , coked out until August 28th (and a little bit on the 29th).



Kirsti said...

BABY I WILL MISS YOU SO!!! I am so jealous. But now you won't get to read about my NEW LOVE before you get home (which you have done probably by the time you read this) but anyways. YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT!

Christine said...

I rarely link blogs but I really like yours and think my readers will like it too! Keep writing. Great job.

sarahkline9869 said...
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Kirsti said...

I have a new url too!