Saturday, August 20, 2005

Update live from Ibiza

MAC POWERBOOK G4 SUCKS DICK! I'm on someone's wireless internet connection but the post editor is all fucked up. Where is my html? Nowhere. There are no buttons besides ABC and a lil' picture.


Ibiza is hawttt. Both literally and figuratively speaking. Currently at Mambo studios preparing for tonight's broadcast of Dance Department. Thank god for climate control.

The club-life is fucking awesome and fucking expensive. I bought three cokes and I paid 30 bucks! Thirty! BUCKS! I am never paying for anything ever aqain. Luckilly we're on all the guestlists cuz the entrance fees are absurd. We're going to Privilege on Monday and you have to pay $80 for a lousy presale ticket. Well we don't but others do.

Monday night we went to Roger Sanchez' night in Pacha. His manager is LB's friend so we got to hang in the VIP area, drinking on Roger's tab. NICE! If you want to get a VIP table in Pacha, you have to buy at least two bottles of liquor (starting at $300) and then you'll get all the soft drinks for free and you'll have your own area for the night.


Got loads of pictures already and I'll post them on picturetrail when I get back. Haven't seen me any celebs yet besides DJ's. Where the hell are they?

The hotel is amazing. Room service, hot tub, ocean view, fitness center, a spa, indoor and outdoor pool and hundreds of maids walking around just itching to make your bed and rub your feet. Usually they don't rub feet but they all love me. ;)

I have to get going. The Boyfriend and LB are stressing out and I don't do stress. Ever. I'm going to tan my already gorgeous tanned ass some more.

Miss me long time :)



Christine said...

Love your blog. Linked ya!

Alterego said...


you wanker