Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fuck fuckedie fuck fuck. The Boyfriend just arrived. He had a Dance Department live show at Dance Valley. I was too lazy to come along or course. And now that he’s back, I’d like to beat him myself with a stick over and over and over again for not making me tag along going.

The Boyfriend had the following important guests in the studio: Deep Dish, Tiefschwarz, Timo Maas, Kelis and Brian Molko. And by important I mean important to me. Besides Kelis. She's always stoned.

From now on, I’ll be on The Boyfriend’s six at all times…literally.

Funny story: Brian Molko is Placebo's lead singer. None of the people that were in the studio knew who he was, besides The Boyfriend. Mind you: all the people that were there are active in the music business. They're supposed to know stuff about music. They don't. Incompetent sons of bitches.

Why was I so lazy? WHY? And why do rich people have zero knowledge about the value of a Dollar? The Boyfriend’s colleague went to buy sandwiches. He took 200 Euro out of his wallet and asked: “How many tuna sandwiches can I buy with this?” To which a bystander replied: “Enough for everyone at this festival.”


That’ll be me someday…the bitter bystander.




Ahssa Staff said...

I've just found your site, but what little of it I've read is well written. Keep up the good work!

Kirsti said...

I love how you spelled my link wrong.

Not a very good link person are you`?

Do love your new URL.

Do you wanna dance?