Saturday, August 13, 2005

BS @ 2:44am

Don’t you just love walking around the house naked? And by walking I naturally mean wank all day long and not dress yourself.

The Parents are coming home tonight. They left for Belgium (!?!?) last Tuesday. Got a big day of cleaning ahead of me.

There’s this Barbra Streisand movie on. It’s about her becoming a musical star, even though she’s ugly. Something with Funny Girl or something? What a nice feel-good movie. I don’t know why everyone despises her so much.

And her nose is awesome. Imperfections are the best. The Boyfriend has typical ears. I love that about him. Come to think of it, he kind of resembles Dominic Monaghan. Damn that is one sexy guy.

Talking about resemblance. Remember Mr. Nine-Inch? My boss, thirty, in my bed, twice, did not end well? Well, now you do. I came across a picture today and he looks exactly like Michael Vartan.

I used to think Michael was hot. I don’t anymore. Temporary lapse of insanity I’m sure.

Dom’s the man for me. And The Boyfriend naturally.

I'm just a sucker for a good set of ears.


Kirsti said...

Damn Europeans. Walking around naked all day. I knew it!

And I loooove Dominique!

And you and your boyfriend are the cutest couple. Ever.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

It's true, Dom (I call him Dom) and I are the homosexual 'it-couple' of 2005. And by Dom, I mean The Boyfriend. No, I really mean Dom.

Alterego said...

Barbra? Did I hear Barbra???? Papa, can you hear me? Papa, can you see me?

God... I'm so gay.