Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I hugely f’ed up today. Economics did not go well to say the least. It was a freaking joke really. Every day the university manages to disappoint me in a new way. And it’s the highlight of my day.

Usually seventy-five percent of an economics midterm consists out of questions concerning formulas and calculations. But not this time. No, when I do economics mid-terms, seventy-five percent of the questions are theory questions.


Been studying my ass of, learning all the formulas and doing all the previous assignment AGAIN, and what do I get? Retarded questions like: “What’s a poverty fall?”, “What can the central bank do about shit I don’t really give a crap about?”, “When is a bastard going to find a new job when in social security.”, ““Why does this line descend?”, “Why doesn’t this line?”, “Would you like a crack line?”.

Amazingly enough, I don't give a shit.

But to answer your questions: I don’t know poor people, how the hell should I know? He’s never going to get a job, he’s to busy sitting on his ass, eating chicken wings and watching porn off of my taxes. The line descends, because the person who drew it was on acid (and he was feeling good). And the other line does indeed descend. It’s a trick question. It all depends on how you hold the paper. I am so clever. And no, crack is whack. I’ll go with the acid thank you.

I swear, If I weren’t so lazy, I’d change universities.

And sue their asses.


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