Friday, July 01, 2005

I am such a dick-head. I was on my way to the University when I realised I forgot my ID and my student pass. Which practically means they won’t let your ass take the test. Then I called the EIP (education information point) and they did not want to wait for five minutes for me to come by and get a replacement pass. The bastards needed to go out to lunch at exactly twelve thirty. Apparently rules are unreasonably enforced only before lunchtime. This has to be the worst and laziest university in the country.

Anyway, I called my parents and asked them to bring by my ID. Which they did after calling me a “fucking idiot” and bailing work. They were right to call me an idiot this time. And they did get the day off. Actually they should be thanking me.

Well, eventually I was exactly on time to take the test. All hail to the parentals, enjoy the gratitude while it lasts.

I need to goddamn learn to focus. I swear, it’s a miracle I don’t forget to wipe my ass.

Wait, what was I talking about again?


On the other hand I think I did quite good on the test. It was a lot harder than previous Civil Law mid-terms, but I definitely passed.

Mini-wave for me.

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