Thursday, June 30, 2005

Went to the hospital this afternoon. My nose has been bleeding a lot lately. Something about a lot of little veins on the surface on the inside of my nose. In combination with allergies that shit just pours blood like crazy.

They had to burn that shit! With acid. Damn, that bitch hurt. They did put some liquid cocaine up my nose, so that was kinda nice. But when did they stop offering lollypops? Oh right, they hand out condoms these days.

The policman texted me last night:

"Hey, I'd really like to hook up again. What's the problem?"

He's the problem, so there will be no hooking up. Still loving the attention. I'll make him beg.

My Civil Law midterm is tomorrow at 13:30. Fuck !


Jenna said...

Liquid Cocaine?.........hmmmm

Billy the Bootlegger said...

I's supposed to numb the area...weird huh?

Alterego said...

Not weird.. just plain good. Lucky bastards with their born-with nose deficiency