Friday, July 15, 2005

Damn, I’ve had one lazy week. Ain’t done shit. I really need to find a job hobby (besides sex),

Going shopping today with a violent bitch SCAA. She’s picking me up at one. You don’t really expect me to take a bus right?

The boyfriend’s coming over tonight. He misses me. Now isn't that too damn clingy cute? He probably just wants to have sex a good conversation. But hell, so do I. Even if that means having it with the boyfriend.

As The Snakehead would say: “Girl Guy + girl guy + action = hot !”

So true. It’s the best.

Hmm, I think I’ll change my sheets in a bit. He’d like that. Fucking pansy.

Did I tell ya’ll you all that I signed up for Big Brother and Pop Idol this week? The media whore that I am. They’d better e-mail me back, I am the television dream. Who wouldn’t want to see a really hot gay guy walking around in his underwear (on either show is fine).

I also was thinking about signing up for some show in which you have to impersonate an existing cheapskate money whore ‘artist’ (I use that term loosely). But really that is kind of pathetic, because people impersonate others because they have no personality of their own.

I on the other hand, have many personalities; put me in a Big Brother house and you’ll have the show of a life-time.


Will keep you queers updated as this media thing progresses. And they have to mail me back for an interview for BB anyway, cuz I was just so freaking charming in answering all of their very retarded useful questions.

When they asked about the highs and lows in my life, I answered:

“My life has been a high since I was conceived and when I was born, evolution took an enormous step forward. There have been no lows, because I am everyone else’s high.”

And people say I'm too full of myself. Reality's a bitch, ain't it?

Now excuse me while I go make people's day by smiling at them.

Peace !



Kirsti said...

Imagine you and me in a big brother house. With some other losers around. It would be groovy. Shall we share the million then?
Also we should invite Strawberrie!

Alterego said...

Popstars the Rivals was one thing. Now, I'm afraid that I will have to cut off all communication with you, unless I get a written confirmation within three days that you will not proceed with your evil plan of screwing up Dutch broadcasting.

My break-up with Kelly was already hard enough, I can not stand losing another friend to BB.

Oh, and what am I to do on my free Fridaynight? You screwin' the bf, not there to entertain me on cam! That's my personal Big Brother that I do like. I don't share stuff... it's the way I've been raised. Blame the parents.


Billy the Bootlegger said...

Kirsti - Ah yes, splendid! A deal it is. I like Strawberrie(s) !

Alterego - My ass on TV is saving Dutch broadcasting ! I'm no Kelly "tranny" Something, I am 100% man meat. People will eat it like cake.

And nothing to do on a Friday night? Why not call Y. "sucks good cock" Punk from Rotterdam? His OV is hasn't expired just yet, so that's no excuse. Make him come (pun intended).

Excuse me while I go and make another persons day.


Billy the Bootlegger said...

And there's nothing wrong with not sharing. As I always day:

"Sharing is for people who cannot stand up for themselves."