Sunday, June 19, 2005

when things get awkward

Having dinner with the father, the step-mother, the two step-brothers and the boyfriend for the first time. At first I thought: no, biggie, just have a fancy dinner with the six of us. But now that it’s four hours away, I’m not so sure.

It’s the first time they’re going to see the boyfriend, but we’ve been dating for over seven months now…some people might say that this meeting was long overdue. But that’s not the worst thing though: I only told them about two months ago that I was gay and have a boyfriend. I mean, I told everybody else when I was like…fifteen: the mom, the step-father, the bitches, the bastards, the neighbours, the cute bartender(s), that cute guy on central station…really everyone. And it’s been four years… It’s not like the dad & co. really didn’t know I was a big fat homosexual, there probably were some suspicions. And I don’t mean I’m the gay man with all the special talking, and the hand and the pretty walking, because that kind of scares me. Just because I’m one hot homosexual doesn’t mean I’m not still a man, right?

So anyway, it’s going to awkwardness at it’s worst tonight. Thank God we’re going out to dinner. Can you imagine what it would be like, sitting at the dining room table, and all you can sense is the feeling of this agonizing silence that is just waiting to be broken. I’m going to get so drunk. And I haven’t had a real drink since January…so that’s going to be an easy to reach target.

God, my dad, the considerate man that he is, even asked: “Would you like to go to dinner with me and the wife, or with the brothers too?” I am such a f’ing dick-head. Note to self: think before you speak. Talk about unreachable targets. I’ll stick to the drinking.

Wish me luck and lots of alcohol bitches !

Oh dear mother of God...I just thought of something. I hope they know the boyfriend is thirty...


Kirsti said...

hehehe, good luck! You and me both with the old guys thing eh. Go easy on the alcohol.. wouldn't wanna throw up or anything!

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Now that would break the silence! thanks for the good advice.

Kirsti said...

Oh you silly silly boy. I will make us margaritas in Ibiza!