Monday, June 20, 2005

good job

The meeting went great yesterday! The boyfriend made a good impression and the awkward silence only appeared after the movie was done and the night was kinda over. Hooray! The boyfriend was vey clever and witty and all that. I'm so proud. It was a good thing that the dad & co. and the boyfriend had a mutual interest: dieting and exercising. Two words that do not exist in my vocabulary, nor will they ever, and I did not even get drunk! I'm making progress and we're all very much excited.

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Kirsti said...

I admire how you are able to be around boyfriends and stuff and not get drunk and you know NOT VOMIT. I need a lecture, k?
Oh and also, congrats and good luck to y'all in the future of your happy partnership oh and also I am seeing Andy this weekend but you are not allowed to yell at me for it!